Wicked Retro Club is always looking for new people to represent our brand. If you feel you share our beliefs and are interested in partnering with us, please email us at wickedretroclub@gmail.com

In the words of Ms. Lauryn Hill, "...This is who I am, and I have to be who I am, and all of us have a right to be who we are, and whenever we submit our will, because our will is a gift, it is given to us, so whenever we submit our will to someone else's opinion, you know, I mean, a part of us dies."

People often ask me if Wicked Retro is just my brand. When I refer to "we", I mean every person who believes in Wicked Retro Club and what WE stand for.

To me, Wicked Retro Club is so much more than a brand - it is a community. The club. And if you have the same beliefs as us.. welcome to The Club. 


The Club

When I first started Wicked Retro Club, I never really put much thought into who I wanted to be buying my clothes. I just figured I would put my stuff out there and whoever wanted it would purchase it.

Well, the more I began to develop Wicked Retro, the more quickly I started to realize the influence I have over who shops with us. Recognizing that this was something in my control, it very soon began, as it should, to matter to me.

When I took the time to sit and think about what I truly wanted Wicked Retro to be, I thought of my life and what I wanted from it.

Wicked Retro Club is a brand that is inclusive of all - free of judgment, standards, and stereotypes.  We do not compete, we help. We do not fight, we love. We do not compare, we praise. When we fail, we learn. When we succeed, we share. Most importantly, we keep an open mind and an open heart to all - always coming from a place of kindness. 

We fight the toxic, stereotypical and false version of beauty. To us, ideal and true beauty is letting our inner light shine, while also igniting those around us - not putting them out.