Winter ’21 Sweatshirt | Plaid Sleeves | Large

Winter ’21 Sweatshirt | Plaid Sleeves | Large


 Winter 2021


Size: L

Price: $48



Model 1: 5’4 | S
Model 2: 5’9 | L

Chest: 46
Length: 28
Arms: 32



Up-Cycled on Cape Cod, Massachusetts


All items from Wicked Retro Club are made using recycled pieces + fabric. When you shop with us, you are not only supporting a small woman-owned business, you're also fighting against fast fashion - an ugly and toxic trend that's never really been in style.



Wash lovingly For best results: cold water, gentle, mild soap, line dry


All items have been prewashed.


A Little Note About Sizing...

All items are unisex - clothing has no gender. My advice? Be flexible with sizing! Don’t let the letters scare you! It’s easier to size up than it is to size down. Just because you’re traditionally a small does not mean you can’t wear an XL. It’s all about how you style it!


All sales are final. Thank you for supporting a small business!



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