Product Details

  • Fits up to* size M
  • Fall 2020 Collection
  • Up-Cycled Jacket

  • Sewn-on Canvas

  • Button Closure

  • Materials: 100% Cotton



  • This item is part of the WICKEDXWILD Collaboration

  • Marissa Marvel from Wild Canvas Design created 11 one of a kind canvases for the collab 

  • Canvases were sewn onto thrifted + up-cycled pieces by Wicked Retro Club

*Canvases were created with fabric paint


All items from Wicked Retro Club are made using recycled pieces +

fabric. When you shop with us, you are not only supporting a small

woman-owned business, you're also fighting against fast fashion - an

ugly and toxic trend that's never really been in style.



  • Wash lovingly
  • Spot Clean
  • Machine Wash Only When / if Necessary - Do Not Overwash
  • For best results: wash inside out, cold water, gentle, mild soap, line dry, no fabric softener


All items have been prewashed.


*Up to* ~ Up to (size) means anyone that size OR smaller can fit into the item comfortably

  • Size + Fit

    Size + Fit

    • Fits up to* size M comfortably

    • Model wears a traditional size M + is 5'7

    • Measurements (in):

      • Chest - 44 (buttoned)

      • Length - 24.5

      • Arm Length - 32


    A Little Note About Sizing...

    • All items are unisex unless stated otherwise.
    • My advice? Be flexible with sizing!
    • Don’t let the letters scare you!
    • It’s easier to size up than it is to size down.
    • Just because you’re traditionally a small does not mean you can’t wear an XL. 
    • It’s all about how you style it!
    • Refer to the size chart for specific measurements.


    *Up to* ~ Up to (size) means anyone that size OR smaller can fit into the item comfortably

    For example: Up to XXL means anyone who is an XS,S,M,L,XL, + XXL can fit into this item comfortably depending on how you prefer the fit.

  • Size Chart


      XS S M L XL XXL
    Chest  37-40 40-43 43-46 46-49

    49 -


    52 -


    Arms 29-30.5 30-31.5 31.5-33 33-34.5

    34 -


    35.5 -


    Measurements are in inches.

    • Wicked Retro Club's sizing is designed for comfort.
    • Every piece is one of a kind - sizing + fit varies.
    • Please refer to individual items' measurements and description for fit.

    *Up to* ~ Up to (size) means anyone that size OR smaller can fit into the item comfortably

  • Style

    Dress it up:

    • Underneath - sweater OR blouse
    • Bottom - Wide legged pants
    • Shoes - flats or heels

    Dress it down:

    • Underneath - Sweater / T shirt / Flannel / Hoodie
    • Bottom - high waisted jeans
    • Shoes - sneakers / combats

    Going out:

    • Unbuttoned
    • Underneath - slip dress
    • Shoes - heels

    Comfy chic:

    • Underneath - hoodie / flannel
    • Bottom - Biker shorts OR joggers
    • Shoes - sneakers / combat boots
  • Return Policy

    All sales are final. Thank you for supporting a small business!

  • Wild Canvas Design

    Marissa Marvel from Wild Canvas Design is an abstract artist from Norton, MA. She began painting as a child and has since continued expressing herself through her art. She minored in fine art in college and spent a semester abroad in Florence, Italy exploring her interests. She discovered her love for abstraction in the winter of 2017. Since then, she has focused her creativity into fluid painting. Her colorful paintings are inspired by world travel. They feel familiar, yet far away. The power of the ocean and the vast beauty of mountain skies manifest themselves in her tranquil imagery.