Wave Embroidered Ornaments | 2 Pack

Wave Embroidered Ornaments | 2 Pack


Product Details

  • Cyber Monday 2020 Collection
  • Set of 2 Sustainable Ornaments
  • Made from Upcycled Levi's 
  • 2 Wave Embroidered Ornaments



  • Thrifted + Upcycled on Cape Cod, Massachusetts


All items from Wicked Retro Club are made using recycled pieces +

fabric. When you shop with us, you are not only supporting a small

woman-owned business, you're also fighting against fast fashion - an

ugly and toxic trend that's never really been in style.


Please note that every item created by WRC is one-of-a-kind. Multiple ornaments were created for the Cyber Monday 2020 Collection. This is a sample photo, every 2 pack will vary slightly - including denim and embroidery floss color. The beauty of handmade!

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    All sales are final. Thank you for supporting a small business!