Ray Jaworski Original Painting

Ray Jaworski Original Painting


Price: $108

Size: 12x16” 


Wicked Retro Club is proud to be bringing in the work of late artist Ray Jaworski. The series is exclusive to the online collection. The work features landscape paintings of beautiful Cape Cod. As with everything that's a part of Wicked Retro Club, the paintings come with a story.


The series does not only capture beautiful Cape Cod through the eyes of the artist, but it is also the work of the grandfather of our very own Jake Kalotai. Jake is an important part of Wicked Retro Club and helps bring dreams and ideas to life. Ray, Jake’s grandfather, was a talented artist. His art goes deeper than his talent, though. Ray was inspired by Cape Cod, which helped him find his love for painting again. There is a deep connection between Ray, his work, and his love for the Cape.


I was humbled and so appreciative when Jake and his family asked me to share Ray's work. I hope when you look at the paintings, you're able to see the man behind the brush, and feel his love and passion for Cape Cod.



Raymond or “Ray” A. Jaworski (May 1, 1932-December 8, 2008) was a Connecticut son born and raised. In the married life he lived in Norwalk, CT he had 3 daughters and 4 grandchildren. Ray was a Life-Long Learner in all things creative. For most of his life, he was involved in the creative arts. Wood Working, sculpture, silk screening, oil painting, and acrylic. If a new craft caught his interest he would have tried his hand at it. His first love, however, was always painting.


Cape Cod was the go-to place for his family for many years. In 1994, when he was there with just his wife, his family had grown but they still loved to go to the cape. He was inspired by a vision of the bay in Eastham and got out his paints and his easel. This is when he started to pick up painting again. A place with so many beautiful sceneries that he had endeavored to paint for such a long time.


He continued painting when he came home from this trip and painted many different paintings. But the Cape Cod scenes always remained a very important part of his painting efforts. He enjoyed painting so much and wanted to pass it on to others by becoming an instructor. “Old Cape Cod” will always remain an inspiration and the place that sparked his renewal of painting.


In addition to his artistic abilities, Ray was a people person and enjoyed the company of others very much. This aspect of his personality was one of the reasons he went into teaching. He was a member of the Stamford Art Association and taught art at Norwalk Community College. Ray enjoyed putting the world he saw on canvas and sharing his vision with others especially “Old Cape Cod”.