'In Bloom' Dress | Sara Paulson for WRC

'In Bloom' Dress | Sara Paulson for WRC


Product Details

  • Sara Paulson for WRC
  • Fits up to* size M
  • Fall 2020 Collection
  • Vintage Denim Dress

  • 1980's

  • Handed Painted by Sara Paulson

  • Zip Closure

  • Materials: 100% Cotton



  • This item is part of the Sara Paulson for WRC Collaboration

  • Sara Paulson designed and painted 2 one of a kind pieces for the collab 

  • The vintage pieces were hand picked by Wicked Retro Club.  Sourced locally at 606 Thrift in Hyannis.

*Designs were created with fabric paint

Scroll down for Sara Paulson's bio.


All items from Wicked Retro Club are made using recycled pieces +

fabric. When you shop with us, you are not only supporting a small

woman-owned business, you're also fighting against fast fashion - an

ugly and toxic trend that's never really been in style.



  • Wash lovingly
  • Spot Clean
  • Machine Wash Only When/If Necessary - Do Not Overwash
  • For best results: wash inside out, cold water, gentle, mild soap, line dry, no fabric softener


All items have been prewashed.


*Up to* ~ Up to (size) means anyone that size OR smaller can fit into the item comfortably

  • Size + Fit

    • Fits up to* size M comfortably

    • Model wears a traditional size S + is 5'4

    • Measurements (in):

      • Chest - 44

      • Length - 38

      • Arm Length - 29.5

      • Waist - 31

      • Hips - 36


    A Little Note About Sizing...

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    *Up to* ~ Up to (size) means anyone that size OR smaller can fit into the item comfortably

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