Thank you to Tony Kirman, talented artist and dear friend, for the photo

Here's Em's Story Hey guys! It’s been almost 6 weeks since we adopted our sweet boy, Em. We’ve learned so much about him during this time, and our love for him has only grown stronger. I wanted to share Emmett’s story with everyone because it truly is so special and a huge part of who he is. We adopted Em from the Animal Rescue League in Brewster, where he had been for 2 weeks. However, Emmie was 14 months old when we adopted him, so his story starts far before his journey to Cape Cod. Before ARL, Emmie had been with the Lighthouse Animal Shelter in New Bedford. We knew this when we adopted him, but we didn’t know the details. After sharing Emmie’s photo on Instagram, a very kind and wonderful soul from this rescue organization reached out to me. She was eager to talk with me and share Emmie’s story. We can’t say enough how special it was to have a conversation with someone who clearly loved our dog and cared for him so deeply. We are so appreciative for the insight on our boy’s past and even more so for the love and dedication both of his rescue organizations provided him. Emmie was born in South Carolina and was raised by a family who had a pack of hunting hounds. As a puppy, Emmie got lost in the woods on a hunt, and was left there alone. When animal control found him, they contacted his owners to come get him. Emmie couldn’t hunt, so they didn’t want him. Even though he was only a puppy, and the cutest little good boy you’ve ever seen, there was no interest in his adoption. Emmett was put on the list to be euthanized. This is where Lighthouse stepped in, and again, we cannot express enough the gratitude that we have for them. Lighthouse rescues dogs, like hounds and pitbulls, that are likely to be euthanized. They organized for Emmett to be sent up north, going to a foster home down south first. Upon his arrival at the lighthouse rescue, we know for a fact that he was in the best of hands. It was there that he was adopted twice, and sadly returned both times. Emmett had “too much energy” and they just couldn’t handle his behaviors. For obvious reasons, it breaks our hearts to know Emmie had been rejected from not just one but three families. After 6 months of being at Lighthouse, it was then that they decided to transfer Em from New Bedford to Cape Cod in hopes of finding the right family for him. It only took 2 weeks of Em being in Brewster for Brendan and me to see his picture. Before we even met him, we knew this boy was ours. Emmie has done nothing but improve our lives in every way possible. Brendan and I always turn to each other and say, “how did we get so lucky?” When you adopt a dog, you are making a commitment to them. Every dog, just like every human, needs daily physical and mental exercise. They need you to take the time to understand them and their behaviors, and see them for the dog that they have the potential to become. With rescue dogs, it takes up to 6 months for them to become adjusted to their new home. Since adopting Emmett, we joined the “Parents of Lighthouse Animal Shelter” Facebook page. I posted Emmie’s picture on there, and was overwhelmed by the response. There were multiple volunteers commenting on his picture saying how much they loved him and how he was a favorite at the organization. Again, I don’t know how we got so lucky. But, we did. And for that, we are grateful. Love always, Paige. Wicked Retro Club Orleans, Cape Cod

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