Wild Canvas Design

by Marissa Marvel

And then there were two...

During a magical summer at The Artist Cottages, I (Paige) met the talented and incredible Marissa Marvel of Wild Canvas Design. Right away, I fell in love with Marissa's art. But, what drew me in even more was the beautiful energy she gave out. 

Marissa is an abstract artist from Norton, MA. She began painting as a child and has since continued expressing herself through her art. She minored in fine art in college and spent a semester abroad in Florence, Italy exploring her interests. She discovered her love for abstraction in the winter of 2017. Since then, she has focused her creativity into fluid painting. Her colorful paintings are inspired by world travel. They feel familiar, yet far away. The power of the ocean and the vast beauty of mountain skies manifest themselves in her tranquil imagery.

I am absolutely honored and thrilled to be teaming up with this girl for the Fall 2020 Collection. Together - we bring you WICKEDXWILD

October 2020

The collection will be limited, so consider getting on The Insider's List for a chance to pre-order.