From a young age, I’ve always loved fashion and art. My mother’s passion for interior design has had a huge influence on me, but growing up, I always took extra interest in my grandmother’s unique and original style. 


Some of my fondest childhood memories are cruising tag sales with my grandmother. She would fill her house with the things we would find, making something beautiful out of something ordinary. 


Upon graduating college, I began to spend much of my free time on the Lower and Outer Cape. It was here that I began to have a deep appreciation for not only art, but also the most pure form of beauty. 


As I spent more time on Cape Cod, I began to feel a true change within myself. I grew my connection with nature, started to think more creatively and freely, and began to appreciate simple living - discovering what truly mattered to me. 


Our world is extraordinarily beautiful, and it deserves better. This planet doesn’t need more. 


When I first started continuing my gramma’s hobby of visiting antique shops, flea markets, and tag sales; I was amazed at how many incredible and salvageable things I would find. Now I want to share that with people.  All clothing I create is handmade from recycled, vintage, or dead stock fabric, and the shop is curated with art, jewelry, and home that is vintage, unnew, or locally made.  


My grandmother and her sisters, growing up in the Depression, would make their own pieces of clothing. My grandmother was artistic, intelligent, strong, and timeless. Most importantly, she was kind and respected the world around her. Through Wicked Retro Club, I remember her vision + feel her love and passion. 


Based in and influenced by Massachusetts // an East Coast vibe.